Journey Anime Mugs 11oz 0001

Journey Anime Mugs 11oz 0001

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Every Order has 2 week processing time before shipping. This is due to the influx of orders I have across multiple shops on Etsy. Please be mindful that I have to ship hundreds of packages every other week. I am only one person. Thankyou for your support!

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Certain cups are only available on our official website
Please do not message us here on etsy about items on our website.
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Only Glass, Ceramic and Some Metal Tumblers are directly printed to the object. These are dishwasher safe. Some glass and ceramic items are microwave safe.

Plastic acrylic and some metal items have waterproof vinyl decals on top. These are not directly printed on the object. Not dishwasher or microwave safe either.
These are not epoxy items either.